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Why every business needs a professional address?

A professional email address is an electronic mail account used by organisations or companies, this usually includes the domain name of the organisation. An example of a professional email address is The mentioned email address identifies that this email address is a originating from Esperer Digital the organisation since it involves the domain name that belongs to Esperer Digital which is
Below are some of the key reasons why any business would use professional email instead of using generic emails provided by organisations like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, or other email service providers:
  • Branding purposes – a professional email can easily identify the organisation, thus, if one receives a message from a professional email account one can easily identity the organisation and associate it with organisation reputation.
  • Trustworthiness – it is easy to trust the email coming from than that coming from This is so as the first email increases a person’s confidence and trust through the authenticity associated with the organisations brand name and website address.
  • Flexibility – professional email address gives the organisations flexibility to create various email addresses for multiple departments using different usernames like and This is important as it leads to quick responses to inquiries as messages are conveyed to the relevant departments to which the messages are intended to go.
  • Continuity – in the event that certain employees leave the organisation it does not affect the company operations as the department email will continue to function without having to go through the trouble of notifying the clients of the new changes. An example is use of an email address like allows the new employee to continue organisational activities without any troubles.
  • Control – the professional email accounts give the organisation more control over email communication as the administrators can easily create, suspend and monitor email accounts of all the employees of the organisation. This refers to that when an employee resigns their email account will be deleted to block contacting business’s clients using the business’s email account. The administrators of the email accounts can also monitor all the activities of the email accounts and see if all communications are in line with the organisation’s policies.

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